Rihan’s Revenge – Downloadable Character Sheet

Click to download a PDF of the Rihan’s Revenge Character Sheet or the fill-outable version Rihan’s Revenge Character Sheet (Editable).

Hello all! In light of yesterday’s post about alternative alignments, I was thinking that I should really make a custom character sheet for my Rihan’s Revenge campaign. In addition to an alternate system for alignments that I’m calling “Moral Code,” I’m also doing away with some other aspects of the standard 5.0e character sheet:

  • XP – Instead of standard XP, I’ve decided to use narrative leveling for this campaign. That means that characters will level up when they reach certain points of the story (e.g. at the end of a play session). Not having to keep track of XP makes things simpler for both the PCs and the GM, and I like the idea of PCs developing as they advance through their adventures in the world, represented through narrative.
  • Inspiration – I’m not crazy about 5.0’s Inspiration system. I like the idea that PCs are rewarded for acting “in character,” but the Inspiration mechanic doesn’t really encourage players to use PCs’ flaws, just their positive traits. I’m planning on using the Angry GM’s idea for Inspiration, whereby characters gain Inspiration by Claiming a Setback (i.e. acting according to PCs’ negative traits), which they can use at a later point. Rather than tracking this on a character sheet, I’m using index cards.
  • MoneyRihan’s Revenge uses the old copper, silver, and gold system from 3.5, with the addition of gold bars. (See my GM guide for more details.) I’ve modified this on my new character sheet.
  • Secrets and Aliases – Keeping secrets is a big part of PC interaction in Rihan’s Revenge, and as a result, PCs may not be traveling under their real names. I’ve added both sections to my character sheet.
  • Traits, Ideals, Bonds, etc. – I’ve tweaked these a bit to my personal preferences for character development.

I’m including both a regular PDF file for those of you who like to hand-write their character sheets, and a form PDF file, whereby you can type text for the permanent sections of the character sheet. Enjoy!

Note: This does not include the Spells page of the character sheet, since I’m not making any changes to that.


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